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Thomas Wolff - Gitarrist / Composer / Producer


NIGHTSHIFT album is released and available at all online stores and streaming portals.

NIGHTSHIFT – a project of Thomas Wolff with focus on taking grooves and bohemian merging of bits of Drum n` Bass, Trance, Dub, Chill, Lounge, Ambient and ….. Acid Jazz. The unique quirk here is the equitable use of electric guitar in a genre dominated by digital music production equipment. Guest musicians from the Jazz and live music entertainment scene are joining dedicated projects, first of all Clive Robert from Malta on Saxophones. „!If there are good beats, let´s jam on them!“ – NIGHTSHIFT

The Video below is just a trailer – just 2 minutes of 12:25 track length:

„Its so great to have Clive in the project. His tone and attitude are unique. Listen to him on NIGHTSHIFT #3 and #4….“


….if You share our love for music, driven by musical interaction and pursuit of the unexpected ,we are glad to share some of our adventures and works with You.

Our main projects are

PORK PIE HAT. Jazz Trio (JazzRock, Crossover, SmoothJazz, Avantgarde, Ambient)



NIGHT SHIFT (ambient to electronica)

HARMONIC OBSESSION (walking on the wild side, unpredictable,….)

Keep On Groovin´ – Thomas Wolff